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Student Section for pharmacology and immunology


Scroll down to read about our history, previous and current CEO lineups and their most significant projects as well as a list of all members.

First CEO lineup

November 8th marks the official start of PHARMiON activities at School of Medicine, University of Mostar with the "Introductory lecture" being the first one. Student section was founded by students (at the time): Damir Vukoja who occupied the role of the Chief Executive alongside with his fellow colleagues Anamaria Sivrić (Project Manager) and Iva Šaravanja (Media Coordinator). During their mandate they have accomplished remarkable projects that have set the bar very high for each incoming CEO; with some of them being collaboration with Alen Juginović, and Josip Melvan from NeuroSt, BoHeMSA, Studentska sekcija za Hitnu Medicinu, Probion and Damir has made a huge effort to provide scientific research opportunities for his members with most memorable ones listed in the achievements sections.

Honorable mentions: "Tečaj pisanja znanstvenih radova", "Akutna otrovanja" and teambuilding project "Movie night".

20210702_150056 (2).jpg

Second CEO lineup

First Mandate

As our first CEO lineup finished their MD pursuit at School of Medicine, University of Mostar; new CEOs arose to the challenge.  Leonora Bedeković, Monika Glibić, Ana- Zorica Pavičić and Gabrijela Livančić began their mandate in November 2019. Before the COVID19 Pandemic hit, they had realized couple of lectures such as "Love means protection" and "Psychostimulants" as well as continuing before set tradition of Movie night and Journal club. 

Second Mandate

In November of 2020 this CEO lineup made strong comeback with a collaboration project: "Outpatient emergency medications". Soon after they have welcomed a new CEO member who represented students of Faculty of Pharmacy at PHARMiON; Tomislava Banožić. Tomislava has accomplished an amazing project that connects students of medicine and students of pharmacy known as "Beauty DIY" workshops. Since the main focus of this collective is to educate on topics that have fewer mentions in standard curriculum, CEOs did a remarkable lecturing season that included projects like: "Current trends in Skin care industry" (SKINTEGRA collaboration), "HumanID" (SKB Mostar and Transfusiology Dept. collaboration), "Be the voice of few" (collaboration with PHA BiH, Croatian Association for Rare Diseases, SKB Mostar, Ivana Marinac MD and Sandra Mehić), "Educational panel of Clinical cases", Sleep Medicine", "Health week SUM" participation, "Current trends in hypertension treatment" and so on. July 2021 marked the end of this CEO lineup as Leonora and Monika got their MD titles and finished their journey as students of School of Medicine, University of Mostar.

Third CEO lineup

October 2021. marked the start of activities for this CEO lineup. This lineup has dedicated their efforts to bring the scientific research portion of PHARMiON to forefront. At the very beginning, they have organized a lecture for the final year students to help them with their graduate thesis which has resulted in creating a downloadable structural template. Next, they have done a Panel discussion on immunization with experts in this field. In February they have started a cycle of workshops on how to write a scientific paper. There are 5 workshops intended and they should end with a student section on a Symposium on Science. Also they have celebrated Brain awareness week with elementary school and kindergarten students as well as continued the tradition of Journal clubs, Movie Nights and two Magistral Workshops.

In May they have helped organize and also presented at the 3rd scientific-professional symposium dedicated to science, scientific communications and journals. June activities ended with block webinar - Chronic disease medications and herbal remedies interactions and NSAIDs overuse. In August and July they have welcomed incoming students of BoHeMSA Exchange project with fun Magistral Workshops.

They have signed Congress partnership wit BrainGut Axis Conference, visited Dubrovnik summer school of patophysiology as well as Plexus Conference in Split.

About us: Meet the Team

PHARMiON leadership for the year 2022./2023.


Chief Executive Officer

5th year student, School of medicine Mostar


Project Manager

5th year student, School of Medicine Mostar


Scientific projects Executive

6th year student, School of Medicine, University of Mostar


Media Executive

4th year student, School of Medicine, University of Mostar


Coordinator for the Faculty of Pharmacy

4rd year student, Faculty of Pharmacy Mostar


Coordinator for the Faculty of Pharmacy

4rd year student, Faculty of Pharmacy Mostar


Coordinator for the Faculty of Pharmacy

4rd year student, Faculty of Pharmacy Mostar

About us: List

All Members


CEOs: Damir Vukoja, Anamaria Sivrić, Iva Šaravanja

Members: Marijan Tomić, Katarina Šoljić, Josipa Komšo, Tina Galić, Sandro Rotim, Daria Ostojić, Željka Soče, Ivana Kvesić, Monika Glibić, Jelena Čurčić, Jelena Faletar, Ana-Zorica Pavičić, Lucija Boras, Luka Raos, Gabrijela Šarić, Azra Kazazić.


CEOs: Leonora Bedeković, Monika Glibić, Gabrijela Livančić, Ana-Zorica Pavičić

Members: Jelena Čurčić, Dora Delić, Danijela Drinovac, Jelena Faletar, Maria Franjić, Matea Gadža, Antonia Galić, Ivan Jelčić, Azra Kazazić, Ivana Krce, Ivo Krešić, Magdalena Krstičević, Razim Mahmutagić, Ivan Musa, Lovre Parać, Ivana Perić, Gojko Prusina, Luka Raos, Barbara Sušac, Dario Vučić.


CEOs: Bedeković Leonora, Glibić Monika, Livančić Gabrijela, Pavičić Ana-Zorica

Members: Bojčetić Marcela, Boras Renata, Bošković Dora, Bošković Nikolina, Bošnjak Mateo, Dragobratović Lucija, Gadža Matea, Gagro Lucija, Galić Blagica, Galić Ivana, Herceg Anica, Ivan Jelčić, Jezidžić Ivana, Knezović Lidija, Livančić Gabrijela, Maglica Mirko, Mahmutagić Razim, Marijanović Ilija, Markov Katarina, Matić Marija, Pavičić Ana-Zorica, Pavlović Igor, Penavić Matea, Perić Ivana, Petrićević Branka, Prusina Gojko, Radišić Ivan, Rajič Marta, Rajić Tomislav, Ruščić Petra, Šalinović Anđela, Šantić Nataša, Šego Petra, Šimić Jelena, Slišković Lucija, Spahić Melita, Sušac Barbara, Šušnja Anita, Šutalo Veronika, Tomić Domagoj, Tomić Marijana, Vasilj Filip, Veličan Petra, Vukoja Katarina.


CEOs: Ana-Zorica Pavičić, Gojko Prusina, Dora Bošković, Anita Šušnja, Blagica Galić, Ivana Galić, Matea Penavić, Matea Gadža

Members: Marta Rajič, Barbara Sušac, Gabrijela Livančić, Marijeta Raič, Ivan Jelčić, Lorena Vladić, Mirko Međugorac, Lovre Parać, Tea Pandža, Katarina Vukoja, Lucija Tabain, Tomislava Banožić, Dora Radić, Ana Raič, Ivan Musa, Marinela Jelčić, Anamarija Vujnović, Marcela Bojčetić, Elizabeta Dolores Miličević, Šejla Čampara, Marija Kožul, Martina Saraf, Igor Pavlović, Asja Kuko, Katica Pažin, Almedina Omanović, Ivana Kvesić, Petra Veličan, Jelena Kordić, Anđela Šalinović, Anica Herceg, Adnan Fazlagić, Marin Lovasić, Jelena Kožul, Karla Epet, Doria Andrić, Zerina Mujić, Razim Mahmutagić, Magdalena Krstičević, Ivana Ježidić, Lucija Nasić, Renata Boras, Matej Lovrić, Eugen Balaša.


CEOs: Dora Bošković, Blagica Galić, Ivana Galić, Matea Penavić, Matea Gadža, Tomislava Banožić, Ana-Zorica Pavičić

Members: Adnan Fazlagić, Adnan Veledar, Almedina Omanović, Ana-Zorica Pavičić, Anđela Šalinović, Anica Kvesic, Ante Delić, Asja Kuko, Barbara Sušac, Domagoj Kozomara, Dora Bošković, Dora Livaja, Elizabeta Dolores Milićević, Gabrijela Livančić, Gojko Prusina, Irena Matošević, Iva Brašnić , Ivan Jelčić, Ivana Jezidžić, Ivo Krešić , Jelena Kordić, Jelena Šimić, Karla Epet, Katarina Bošnjak, Katica Pažin, Kristina Vasilj, Lorena Vladić, Lovre Parać, Lucija Golemac, Lucija Vasilj, Magdalena Krstičević, Marija Kožul, Marijana Goluža, Marinela Jelčić , Marko Kvesić, Marta Rajič, Martina Saraf, Matea Gadža, Matea Penavić, Melani Krstanović, Mirko Međugorac, Nikola Krtalić, Nikolina Jozić, Renata Boras, Slaven Sabljo, Sunčica Humačkić, Tea Pandža, Zerina Mujić

Leadership is an action, not a position.

Donald McGannon

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