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Our fellow colleagues at School of Medicine

Together we have done some amazing collaborations and we highly recommend you to check them out. They are listed below in a chronological order and we hope that our School of Medicine will be richer with more Student Sections in the future :)
Check out the Gallery below.


Journal of students of the School of Medicine, University of Mostar

PULS is a journal with a tradition of more than ten years. During this period it has imposed itself as quality and curiosity-filled journal that is read by many students, doctors and many other readers in Mostar, Zagreb, Split, Sarajevo, Rijeka, Osijek and other publishing cites.
It was founded in 2004 on the initiative of the first editor-in-chief, Dalibor Arapović, and his fellow colleagues.


 BoHeMSA LC Mostar

Bosnia and Herzegovina medical students association (IFMSA branch office)

The Association of Medical Students in Bosnia and Herzegovina, BoHeMSA is a non-governmental, non-profit student organization whose members are students of all medical faculties in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Mostar Local Committee was established in 2006, when it started with the first projects and activities. Following that, exchange programs started in September of 2008.  BoHeMSA's main activities include student collaborations, student representation and pooling the interests of medical students nationally and internationally.


Student Section of Emergency Medicine

School of Medicine, University of Mostar

The Student Section for Emergency Medicine was established in March 2019 at the initiative of student Matej Lovrić. The section brings together students of the University of Mostar with the aim of educating them about the proper provision of first aid to an injured person. The section also actively cooperates with the Emergency Center of the University Clinical Hospital Mostar, many associations such as SanusMotus, UWC and National HIV day and can also boast that its members are longtime members of the humanitarian association Wings for Life. Be sure to find out more about the activities of this section on their official profiles.


 The Student Section of Surgery 

Scool of Medicine, University of Mostar

The Student Section of Surgery was established at the Medical School, University of Mostar in 2019. Their main goal is to educate students on current surgical topics and their main projects are surgical suturing workshops where students can learn how to properly treat wounds in accordance with medical principles. The section has over a hundred members and can boast of exceptional activity. You can find out more about the section through their official profiles.


Student section of Dental Medicine

School of Medicine, University of Mostar

The Student Section of Dental Medicine was established in October 2020. The Section provides students of Dental Medicine with additional education on topics in dentistry and general medicine that often gets overlooked by the official curriculum. The Section also has a long-term cooperation with the company Curaprox, with the help of which it provides education on the importance of oral hygiene to our youngest citizens. Be sure to find out more about the activities of our dentists on their official profiles.



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