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Kristina Peroš, DMD, PhD, Department of Pharmacology of the Faculty of Dentistry in Zagreb will hold lectures under the title:
"Drug interactions in Dental Medicine - PROBLEMS & SOLUTIONS".

The lecture will be held on November 2, 2023. at 12:00 in lecture hall number 5 of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Mostar.

The topic of the lecture is of particular importance to students of Dental Medicine, Medicine (3rd - 6th year), members of the student section for pharmacology and immunology - PHARMiON, members of the student section for Dental Medicine, and we hereby extend a special invitation to them.

All students interested in the lecture are also welcome to attend.



First Scientific Student Section
@ School of Medicine, University of Mostar

Welcome to PHARMiON,
Student Section that takes interest in  pharmacology, immunology and scientific research - well, a little bit of everything.  Our main goal is to provide additional education to our members and fellow colleagues on topics that usually get overlooked in standard curriculum as well as trending topics in the world of science.
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About us

Back in the days...

Every group/collective has a story about how they became what they are now and so do we. Ours goes back to the year 2015. when our founding members studied together for the pharmacology exam. The course was very demanding and Damir was fussing (as usual) about how there should be some sort of additional help for this course or even a specific student network... Since there was no time for anything else but studying the curriculum and actually passing the course, the idea of a specific student network was set aside for a while. This is important because they haven't only noticed the lack of student sections at our School of Medicine but few semesters later they became the first ones to do something about it. 


The School of Medicine, University of Mostar opened its doors and PHARMiON began with activities in November of 2018 as the FIRST student section. Since then, it has been PHARMiON's dedication to interest more students in fields of pharmacology and immunology through workshops and lectures as well as promote scientific research projects among students.

“Doctors put drugs of which they know little into bodies of which they know less for diseases of which they know nothing at all."


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November 8, 2018.